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At Vulcan Motors, we offer a full set of servicing options for Saab vehicles.

The advantage of choosing Vulcan Motors is that you’ll be dealing with knowledgable, friendly, and efficient mechanics determined to keep you on the road while keeping your servicing charges as low as possible.

The benefit we bring to your motoring is that, as a Bosch Service Centre, approved by both Trading Standards and Checkatrade, you have peace of mind that we’ll only put right on your Saab what needs putting right. We won’t charge you for anything you don’t need. If, after you bring your car in, we spot something extra that needs doing, the first thing we’ll do is contact you, explain what we’ve found, present you with the options, and let you decide.

And don’t forget, we’re Foxy Lady Approved. We promise not to overcharge, patronise, or sell our female customers services you don’t need for your Saab vehicle. Click here to see our Foxy Lady listing and be sure to speak with our Female Business Ambassador.

Air conditioning is something we all take for granted, whether it’s keeping us cool in the summer or warm on winter mornings.

But if the air conditioning on your Saab breaks down, this can lead to some heavy fees to get it fixed or replaced.

That’s why, as a matter of course, when we service your vehicle, we look for issues with your air conditioning system that indicate that it needs maintenance. Alternatively, if you’ve noticed that:

  • your car has more internal moisture than normal,
  • there are unpleasant, pungent smells when you get in your car,
  • you’re getting through more refrigerant than normal,
  • your car is not cooling at all (normally caused by the present of dirt or debris in your condenser),

…that’s a sign that you need your air conditioning system servicing.

We’ll check every potential affected component – the expansion valve, the accumulators, the receiver dryers, and more to get to the route of your problem so that when you drive your car after it’s been with us, you’ll get all the benefit of air conditioning the year around.

If your clutch is slipping, juddering, dragging, spinning, or jerks when you engage your engine, please bring it in straight away – there’s more likely than not a problem with your clutch.

Our technicians will examine your clutch system, looking for tell-tale signs like –

  • are the clutches’ surfaces glazed or worn out?
  • is the pressure-plated parallel with your flywheel face?
  • is there any oil or grease on your clutch?

There are 22 potential issues we check for when you bring your Saab vehicle into us. We’ll work to really understand what the actual problem is and find the quickest, most effective, and most competitively-priced solution so you can get back on the road.

When you bring your car in for general servicing, we’ll always check your clutch system and report back to you any areas of concern we have.

Warning lights showing on your dashboard? Is your car advising you that you need to bring it in for a service?

Car dashboard lights are connected to your vehicle’s onboard computer. When you’re in motion or you’re parked up, your onboard computer runs hundreds of tests to make sure that all the vital components of your car are operating correctly. One of the first things we do when you bring your car in for service is to connect to your onboard computer to get its readings.

These readings can tell us about problems with your braking, power within your engine, airbag issues, power steering problems, and much more. Beware though because even if you have a car code reading kit at home, it’s best to bring it in to Vulcan Motors.

Why? Because codes only every tell part of the story. For most makes of car, there are over 500 codes. One code that causes concern may be telling you about three or four different problems. If your fuel level sensor code indicates that something’s wrong, which one of your two fuel tank sensors is it? Has its harness opened? Or has it shorted because of a poor electrical connection?

Bring your Saab into Vulcan for a full service and rest assured that our team know how to read and interpret warning lights and ODB codes.

If something goes wrong with your steering and suspension on your Saab, it’s best to bring it in straight away for servicing at Vulcan Motors.

But what are the things you should be looking out for?

  • is your Saab pulling to one side when you’re driving?
  • does it seem to slip when you hold the wheel in a turned position?
  • does it take more effort than normal to using the steering wheel to turn the car?
  • when you’re travelling at speed, does the steering wheel seem to bounce up and down?
  • does it wander when you’re turning the wheel?
  • do you hear a screeching or whistling sound when you turn your steering wheel?

If you’re experiencing one or more of those at the moment, visit our engineering team here at Vulcan Motors without delay.

You’ll get a no-obligation estimate before we fix everything. If you choose us to do the work for you, why not get a servicing at the same time to spot any more potential issues before they arise?

A faulty steering and suspension system is one of the most dangerous faults you can have with your car so please let us take care of the problem.

Batteries feel like they should last forever. After all, they’re being charged by the engine all the time it’s running. But did you know that what cuts battery life are short trips and exposure to either extremely hot or cold temperatures? And of course, if you switch the engine off and accidentally leave the lights on overnight, that can take away all of most of a battery’s remaining power.

Keep an eye on your battery. If it’s starting to fail, you’ll notice that, when you try to start the vehicle, it takes longer than normal. Most cars now have a low battery power light which tells you that you’ll need do something about it.

If you’re concerned, open you bonnet and check to see how much fluid is left in your battery. Has the case begun to swell or bloat? Is there a leak? A sure sign of a leak is If there is “gunk” around where the positive and negative cable connections are.

When you bring your car in for service, we’ll check your battery power level and advice you on whether you need a replacement.

If you’ve noticed your battery has drained, please bring your Saab to Vulcan anyway. A prolonged weak battery can affect other parts of your car so this might be the ideal time for a service.

Did you know that, left unchecked, the repair bill for fixing electrical faults on your car can cost £300 or more? Relays and alternators are the most likely electrical faults, but insurers are seeing more and more claims for newer features on vehicles like parking sensors.

As always, it’s better to get potential problems looked at early. Your Saab’s engine is a complicated and connected and it’s not uncommon that problems in one area of your car can lead to other, more expensive engine problems elsewhere.

If you’re having problems getting your car to start, the battery has begun to leak, your dashboard lights or headlights seem dim, or your car is running fine but the brake lights don’t work, these are almost certainly the beginnings of electrical faults within your vehicle.

For all things electrical on Saab vehicles, let the team here at Vulcan Motors diagnose any current or potential problems and give you the best and most cost-effective advice on making sure your car stays on the road.

Only certain garages around the country are licensed to carry out MOT tests, and Vulcan Motors is one of them.

Among our experienced staff members are nominated testers, professionals accredited by the DVSA to check every testable aspect of your vehicle, conduct an overall inspection, and carry out a series of important checks on your vehicle (including the inside, outside, under the bonnet, and under the vehicle itself).

The MOT is your car’s yearly health check, offering you a chance to prolong the life of your vehicle and, with a full MOT and service history, it’s worth more on the second-hand market when you come to sell it.

Arranging your MOT test with Vulcan Motors is easy – you can book online by clicking here.

Alternatively, call the team on 01252 870 818 or, if you’re passing, pop in, say hello, and book a date and a time to suit you.

If you’re having problems with your tyres, you need to have your Saab seen to immediately by one of the Vulcan Motors team.

Do you find that you’re constantly having to pump up one tyre because the pressure seems to disappear from it all the time? Not only does this put your petrol and diesel bill up, it leads to increased wear and tear on your tyres. There’s a strong chance you have a slow puncture.

You might have the opposite problem and your tyres might be overinflated. If that’s the case, you’re much more likely to suffer the shock (particularly when driving at speed) or a tyre blowing out.

If your tyres all have different pressures, that’s going to cause a couple of major issues. Your tyre tread will wear down much quicker and if your tread falls below 1.6mm, it’s illegal to drive your car and you must get it replaced immediately.

Different tyre pressures can also cause your tyres to wear unevenly. This is going to quickly cause issues with your Saab’s tyre inflation, suspension, and alignment.

Want to speak to Saab experts on your tyres? Call the Vulcan Team today or drive over for a chat.

If you’re starting to notice that your brakes aren’t as responsive as they have been, that’s a certain sign that they’re starting to develop problems. Worn brake pads and shoes will warp your engine rotors and, as time goes on, the bill for repair will start to mount up.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • When you brake, do you hear screeching, grinding, or squealing?
  • Does your brake pedal or steering wheel vibrate or pulse when braking?
  • Are you finding that, to achieve the same braking power as before, you have to push harder and further on the pedal?
  • Does it smell like burning when you break sometimes?
  • Has your brake warning light come on on your dashboard?
  • Does your car pull to the left or right when braking?
  • You need to bring your car in today. Doing it now is going to save you a lot of money. Also, your car will be off the road for days or sometimes over a week for very serious problems – better do it now so you get your Saab back as quickly as possible.

Of all the lights that can blink on your dashboard, the engine management is the most worrying and the most mysterious. It can cover dozens of different faults and it needs a skilled mechanic to get into your engine and diagnose all of the problems.

The engine management light, if it’s green, can indicate a problem in one or more of the following areas –

  • your emissions
  • your petrol filler cap is loose or faulty (really pushes the cost of driving up as your car begins to drink petrol or diesel)
  • your catalytic converter
  • your mass airflow sensor is malfunctioning
  • spark plugs
  • wires
  • ignition system
  • diesel particulate filter isn’t working properly
  • there’s a leak on your vacuum hose

The list goes on and it takes real knowledge of a Saab and a time-served mechanic to work through each potential issue and eliminate them one by one until the cause or causes are found.

If your engine management light is red, you must not drive the car anymore. Call a breakdown recovery service.

If your engine management light is flashing green, even intermittently, bring it to Vulcan Motors immediately and let our team work on finding and resolving the problem without delay.

There are multiple signs you can look out for if your radiator is beginning to fail, including:

  • a puddle of liquid under the car when it’s not being used
  • your car overheats
  • there’s a drop in your radiator pressure
  • you’re constantly having to fill up on coolants as they keep dropping too low
  • you spot rust on or around the radiator – this means you have a leak.

Overheating can cause a lot of damage to your engine and we strongly advice that, if you spot any of these signs, that you get in touch with Vulcan to arrange an investigation and a service.

You can rest assured that, in the hands of a Vulcan Motors expert, we’ll diagnose your problem quickly, repair it at the best possible price, and get it back to you so you’re back on the road.

Within Vulcan Motors, we have a skilled and experienced welding department used to working on a huge range of car models, including models from Saab.

We can weld to achieve standards required by both MOT tests and VOSA standards.

Our welding team can:

  • take on insurance work
  • help with crash repair
  • give out free insurance estimates, and
  • prepare full reports for insurance companies.

Your campbelt (also known as a timing belt) keeps the top half of the engine in sync with the bottom half – it is one of the most important components in your car.

You’ll find them more in cars from the 1990s although some major manufacturers still use them. The ones who don’t have replaced the campbelt with a metal timing chain instead.

The reason for the switch to the metal belt was that manufacturers wanted the metal belt to last the lifetime of the car whereas campbelts generally lasted 60,000 miles or 5 years.

Common signs you may have an issue with campbelts include your car revving strangely, trouble starting your car and problems with your exhaust.

If you’re running an older car or a new model from a manufacturer still using campbelts and any of those symptoms sound familiar, please call us straight away or drive into the garage. If you don’t and your campbelt snaps, the cost of repair may be prohibitive.

The exhaust is one of your car’s major systems. It gets rid of all the harmful fumes which accumulate in your engine and inside your car. If problems begin to develop with your exhaust, the immediate and long-term effects on your Saab can be big.

If you’ve noticed that you’re getting less miles out of your car than a little while ago, your steering wheel or gas pedal are shaking every now and again, or your engine is making far more noise than usual, there’s almost certainly something wrong with your exhaust that need immediate attention.

Other signs include holes, cracks or rusty spots on your exhaust pipe, if it clatters, bangs, or roars, or you notice it dragging or hanging and smoke is coming out of the pipe.

To get a full diagnostic on any issues your Saab may have with its exhaust system, give us a call or drop in to see us.

We all know servicing is essential not just for successful maintenance of your car but that a car with a full service history will fetch a premium when you come to sell your Saab.

Using an independent and established garage with a very high satisfaction rating like Vulcan will save you a lot of money over the cost you’d pay at an official dealer.

Have you ever wondered why that is? Network dealers make little or no money from the cars they sell, particularly new cars. They occupy far more space than independent garages like Vulcan, they’ve got to hold far more stock, and they employ double or treble the people. Their costs are enormous.

Being an official dealer really only makes sense for them by the money they make from people bringing their car in for servicing. And that higher price doesn’t mean a better deal.

According to the Office of Fair Trading, the former body responsible for protecting consumer interests agrees, stating in report 85/04 that “Servicing at franchise dealers is typically more expensive than servicing at independent garages, averaging £199 and £116 respectively without any apparent difference in the quality of service offered.”

Which type of service would suit you best?

  • An interim service (every 6,000 miles or so)
  • A full service (every 12,000 miles or 12 months)

Let us take a look at your car and find out about its history. We’ll then be able to recommend a servicing schedule specifically for you. Speak with Vulcan today.

If you’re having problems with the way your vehicle handles, you may have issues with the alignment of your wheels.

There are lots of different reasons why this might be happening, including hitting a pothole or banging into a curb at speed.

What are the effects of incorrect wheel alignment? Your tyres will wear down faster, you may feel your steering wheel pull, your will be getting less miles to the gallon, and, at speed, your car will feel like it’s twitching.

Aligning your wheels correctly isn’t a big job and doing it now will save time and frustration in the future. Speak to one of our friendly team here at Vulcan Motors or drive in and see us.


Saab Service Pricing

Saab Model Interim Service
prices from (+VAT)
Major Service
prices from (+VAT)
Saab 93 All £POA £POA
Saab 93 Diesel £POA £POA
Saab 93 Petrol £POA £POA
Saab 95 All £POA £POA
Saab 95 Diesel £POA £POA
Saab 95 Petrol Cvl 4 £POA £POA
Saab 95 V6 £POA £POA

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  • We won't try to sell you unnecessary parts, services, or guarantees
  • If you have a complaint, it will be dealt with fairly and quickly
  • We always use like-for-like quality parts
  • Repairs will be conducted in line with manufacturers’ recommendations
  • When we promote or advertise ourselves, we will be honest and truthful

If you feel let down in any way, you can appeal to the Bosch Car Service Code of Practice network adjudication panel for further help. As members of the network, we’re bound to follow any rulings laid down.

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